Dónde ver alligators en Florida gratis

¿Dónde ver alligators en Florida completamente gratis? Si has llegado a esta página seguramente estas preparando un viaje a Florida o a Miami y quieres saber cómo puedes ver alligators. Te cuento dónde y cómo verlos completamente gratis con la localización exacta.

Alligators en los Everglades.

Una de las mejores zonas para ver alligators es en los Everglades. Los Everglades es un parque natural al sur de Florida lleno de humedales tropicales Además de poder encontrar alligators aquí, es una zona de naturaleza increíble que merece la pena conocer.

Dos opciones para ver alligators en los Everglades.

A tan solo una hora en coche desde Miami puedes llegar los Everglades a una de las zonas en que se encuentran los alligators. Te cuento la ruta que seguimos en Marzo de 2023 y las dos opciones para verlos, la gratuita o la de pago en aerodeslizador.

Seguramente conoces los tours que se anuncian por internet en los que te llevan por dentro de los Everglades en un aerodeslizador. Hay varias compañías e incluso algunas hacen packs con excursión desde Miami.

alligator en everglades
¡Foto de uno de los alligators que vimos, hecha por nuestro guía!

Nosotros hicimos el paseo en aerodeslizador, que la verdad sí lo recomiendo mucho si el presupuesto no es un problema. El tour que hicimos nosotros fue con la compañía Buffalo Tiger´s Florida. Son 45min en los que vas en aerodeslizador, ves alligators, el guía te explica sobre los animales y los manglares y luego ves un poblado. Los tickets valen $45 por persona ($27.50 para niños menores de 12 y gratis para niños de hasta 2 años).

Loop Road Scenic Drive – ruta por carretera

La otra opción para un presupuesto más ajustado es ver alligatros gratis haciendo una ruta por carretera. No es necesario entrar en el parque natural como tal ni pagar entrada.

alligator descansando en los everglades cerca de Miami en Florida

La en ruta en coche empieza (conduciendo desde Miami hacia el oeste por la 41) en el desvío por la 94 (Loop Rd Big Cypress National Preserve). Si vais en dirección a Naples o la costa oeste de Florida os va de camino, simplemente da un pequeño rodeo. Si quereis ir y volver desde Miami podéis hacer esta ruta y luego cuando sale a la 41 volver por la carretera pricnipal a Miami, ¡no tiene pérdida!

mapa everglades ruta alligators
Viajando por la 41 hacia el oeste de Miami tomaremos el desvío por la 94 – Loop Rd Big Cypress National Preserve

No dejareis de parar a sacar fotos cada pocos metros, pero ¡mucho cuidado con los alligators! Y aunque veréis animales desde el principio de la ruta, según os vayáis adentrando ireis viendo muchos más.

¿Quieres ver más sobre nuestra ruta pero en vídeo? Aquí tienes el vlog por los Everglades de Florida viendo alligators:

How to rent an apartment in Toronto with no credit history

I want to share my own experience and my tips for finding an apartment in Toronto as a newcomer or with no credit score. First of all, I want to say that this is only my personal experience, but I think it can help people in the same situation that just arrived and need accommodation.

When we first arrived in Toronto late summer of 2021, we stayed in an Airbnb for one month. I was confident that this was ample time for finding the perfect apartment, but it was tight! So, my first recommendation is to rent a temporary place for at least one month to have enough time to search and don’t rush.

rent in toronto
Condos in Toronto

We started looking for a regular apartment with one bedroom on some of the websites people recommended, like for example Viewit. We had a budget of $1,500 and I think it is fair enough and you can find some good places within this budget if you have patience.

The first day I started visiting condos I was super disappointed to find out that they would not rent us the apartment because we didn’t have a good credit score or a job. Essentially, they said it was almost impossible to get a place to live without a payroll, a good credit score, or a Canadian guarantor. The only option they gave us was to pay 6 months in advance or more, this could be easily 10,000$.

What type of apartment should I get?

After this first approach, we started lowing our expectations and checking in all the platforms, we spread the search (on platforms like Kijiji and Facebook Marketplace) and looked for different types of properties. We were looking for condos, little apartments, studios, and basements.

After one week of visiting places almost every day, we conclude: condos in high buildings were way stricter and we had no possibilities at all. But basements were easier as we deal directly with the owner and we had some acceptances.

The third option was to go for low-rise buildings. That was our best option! Are you wondering why? They are not as strict as the condos in big skyscrapers but are a better option than basements and almost the same price.

low-rise apartment rent
Low-rise building in Toronto

What do you need to rent an apartment in Toronto?

The first piece of advice I can give you is to gather as many documents as you can to prove that you are the right person and are going to pay the rent. They don’t know anything about you so make it easy. First of all, they will want to see your savings. Provide as many savings as you can from your bank account in your country. Second, show your status and legal papers. As I was a student and just arrived in Canada, I showed my student visa and part-time work permit and my husband’s work permit. This way they will confirm that you are still settling down and why you don’t have a job yet. Also, it will be appreciated if you can provide references from a Canadian. We talked to our Airbnb hosts and were super lucky as they provide a reference letter. That is why is a good option to start in an Airbnb for a long period. And last but not least, you will need to pay two months (first and last) in advance before entering.

Things you should know about rent in Toronto

  • Almost every rent period starts the first day of the month so have this in mind when you start looking for apartments, that you might not move before the first day of next month.
  • Some contracts here are a little different and, in our experience, it is more informal, we didn’t receive the contract since we were already settled.
  • Some condos or low-rise buildings offer one (or even two) months free. You can do the numbers because it could be very convenient.

What other tips do you have for renting an apartment as a newcomer?

Differences between Barcelona and Toronto

As a newcomer to Canada, I am still discovering the amazing city of Toronto. Coming from a European city I found a lot of differences between living in Spain and living in Canada. I am going to compare two big cities (the ones I know the best) that are Barcelona and Toronto.

  • Snowing, but not always

There is no doubt that weather and snow is a big difference! Snow is very present at winter in Toronto, something we rarely see in Barcelona. But said that, I had no idea before that Toronto had such a hot summer. Most people in Spain tend to think of whole Canada as a very cold place to live with no summer at all. That is a mistake, as I have experienced hot weather here as well. It also feels quite dry compared to Barcelona, I guess this is due to the heating in winter. Clothes dry in a short time here when I do laundry!

Scarborough, Toronto
  • Toronto, big city but not crowded

The first thing you will notice when arriving in Toronto is the size of the city. Compared to back home, any American city seems enormous to me. According to Toronto has a density of 4,457 people per km2 compared to Barcelona, with 15,873 people per km2. When you go for a walk out of the downtown is probable that you don’t see much people. It feels easier here to maintain the 2-meter distance required for covid safety!

  • Houses vs apartments

In Spain is not common to see family houses in a big city, you can only see them in the countryside. In Barcelona, people use to live in apartments so I was amazed to find out that in Toronto you can easily find houses. I mean the typical American house with the garden and the back yard, just like in the movies! There are also lots of high-rise buildings in Toronto where people live in condos. But just some streets away you can find these peaceful town-like houses.

Beautiful houses in Toronto
  • Measures

There are some differences here! In Spain we use the 24:00h clock format. In Canada is more common to use the 12:00h clock and differentiate between am and pm. It feels weird here when I say it is 19:00h instead of 7pm. Same with the metric system and imperial system, I still can’t get used to inches and have to use the converter every time.

  • Public transportation

The subway, buses and public transport in general seem to be older and less maintained than I expected. But as an advantage, the subway is never that crowded. It is funny for me that even in peak hours there is never too many people and you can even get a seat! The price, however, is quite expensive, 156 $ for the monthly pass (109 €) compared to the price in Barcelona 40 € (57 $ ).

Presto Card in Toronto Subway
  • Eating hours

For us in Spain the standard hour for lunch is 2pm and dinner at 9pm. I feel this difference is only compared to Spain as in other places in Europe they have timings similar to Canada. I believe in Canada the hour for lunch is around 12-1 pm and dinner around 6pm. I try but I really don’t get used to it. This is so funny, when most people talk about having dinner at 6pm I am usually having the afternoon snack!

  • Coffee please!

Food is a topic that I could expand about, but I want to make special mention to coffee and the disappointed I was with this when I arrived. I couldn’t understand what “brewed” coffee meant the first days! Regarding Spain and most countries in Europe, the espresso coffee is the regular coffee you can ask for and they have it in every cafeteria you go. That is why I was very shocked to realized brewed coffee was the typical here. Even I enjoy Tim Hortons I prefer a strong flavour and creamy coffee.

Tim Hortons coffee
  • Taxes and tips

And last but not least, the taxes and tips! This is so annoying, why does everything have the taxes not included? If we are paying it anyway there is no point in have it separately. I feel frustrated when paying and having to add taxes and tips to some purchases. We are absolutely not used to give tips in Spain. It is something voluntary if you feel very grateful for the service. If you give a tip, you can choose any amount, there is no % required.